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An Amazing Kids Program For Fitness and S.T.E.M.
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"At MindFit USA, we have found the most innovative way to get kids to exercise!  The first half of each one of our classes is an age appropriate functional fitness program to work their bodies, make them stronger and faster, and improve their overall health and fitness level!  The second half of class immerses them into the world of childhood engineering and technology!  They will learn how to code, 3d Design and 3D print, use green screens and hydroponics and more!  An amazing combination that kids love!!
MindFit USA is Located at
10 Park Lake Road, Sparta, NJ
One of a Kind!
Here's What Your Child Gets At MindFit USA:

Award Winning Fitness Programming

Utilizing the BodyFit Elite Youth Training system developed by master trainer and MindFit USA Founder Mike Fancher, MindFit USA students will improve overall fitness and health!  Our specialized programming has a positive effect to enhance learning and memory retention!

Next Generation S.T.E.M. Instruction

Covering the next generation technologies of Coding, CAD/3D Design, 3D Printing,  Hydroponics, Green Screen Media and More!

Empowerment to Succeed

Our goal is to help kids have stronger minds...and smarter bodies!  We are the world leader in harnessing the powerful effects of exercise on a child's ability to learn and retain information!
A Combination Like No Other!!
"This is hands down my daughter's favorite thing to do in the world!  MindFit and Coach Mike has gotten her to exercise and now she loves it!  She really does work her body and her mind!"
-Rachel M.

Fitter Kids... Smarter Kids!
We offer 2 groups of classes daily, Monday thru Friday!  We have cohorts of Grades K-4 at 4:30pm and Grades 5-8 at 5:30pm.  Click the button below to schedule a free trial class and get your child Future Ready!

Give Your Child an Incredible Advantage!
An Amazing Program to Get Kids Fitter and Smarter!
Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  Does my child need to attend MindFit USA every day to benefit from the program?

A:  Not at all!  The goal of MindFit USA is to help children learn something new in the world of S.T.E.M. every day.  Even if a child can only attend one day a week, they will still have an incredible advantage over others!

Q:  Does my child need to start the program at a certain time of year?

A:  Not at all!  Because of the MindFit Method's "project based" learning process, any child can start on any day and instantly begin learning amazing things in the world of S.T.E.M.!  Things that 97% of all schools don't teach!

Q:  Is there fitness at the beginning of every class?

A:  There is!  We harness the powerful effects of exercise on the brain to enhance a child's ability to learn and retain information!  The fitness portion is 20-25 minutes long.

Q:  What type of membership programs are there?

A:  We offer everything from day passes, 3, 6, and 12 month memberships as well as 10 class packs!
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